Life is a Team Sport

League Contacts

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Marin United Captain & Field Coordinator

Jim Caldwell

Marin United is all about Fair Play, getting a good work out and having fun while playing the beautiful game every Saturday. We are a charter team of the Marin Coed Soccer League now celebrating our league and club's 30th anniversary. We field players from North, Central and South America, Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, Central Asia and the Far East. Sometimes in the same game! Our team nickname is the Barneys due to our long-ago retired purple plum eggplant jerseys. We now proudly wear Carolina Blue.

Marin Unitedd

Zephyrs Captain & Webmaster

Laree Mancour

I joined the league right when I moved back home after a 10 year California hiatus. I've been on the Zephyrs for over 11 years now and have played as a sub for every team on the league at one time or another- The MCSL is made up of awesome people!

The Zephyrs play to win, but having fun, (on and off the field) is our first priority!  I have met many new friends and colleagues and have had so much fun!

If you can't find something or have suggestions for the website, please feel free to shoot me an email! 

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Bolinas Captain

Bolinas Team

Globestyle Captain


Goalfinger Captain


The newest of all teams in the Marin Coed Soccer League is GOALfinger. With the suaveness of Sean Connery and the slick moves of Roger Moore, our performances on the field are nothing short of entertaining. In the words of Daniel Craig's 007, "We don't stop when we're tired. We stop when we're done.


Loosley United Captain

Loosley United

Loosely United -- where the skills are tight and the attitude is loose.


Mariners Captain


The Mixx Captain

The Mixx

Muir Woodies Captain

Chris Salcedo

The Muir Woodies first joined the league in 2003.  Originally named the Shin Hackers, the team quickly established its motto, “Our drinking team has a soccer problem” over many a pint at local pubs and taverns after it’s usual losing efforts …

12 years later, the Muir Woodies FC is still a proud member of the MCSL.  Our main philosophy on the field is to be a true Coed recreational soccer team, which utilizes every member of its squad equally, regardless of sex, talent level or taste in music.  We even tolerate players that don’t drink beer now : )

Go Woodies!



Cory Mason

Third Half Captain

Third Half

All about good soccer and fair play.  The caveat is that we are larger much better in our mental game as that involves our bodies from 30 years ago. -Kurt


Join the Marin Coed Soccer League

If you have the passion to play, want to run, kick a ball, work up a sweat and meet some new awesome people, then come sign up! We are a group of business professionals, moms, dads, college grads all looking for that great escape into the game that is soccer. Some have skill, some are just learning, but we play to win and laugh our way through the losses. Join us.