Life is a Team Sport


Troppman Field opened up! Matches have moved from C/G!

9:00 am Troppman - Muir Woodies v Goalfinger
11:00 am Troppman - Bolinas v Third Half
1:00 pm Troppman - Globestyle v Mixx
3:00 pm Troppman - Riptide v Zephyrs
3:00 pm C/D - Mariners v Marin United

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Join the Marin Coed Soccer League

If you have the passion to play, want to run, kick a ball, work up a sweat and meet some new awesome people, then come sign up! We are a group of business professionals, moms, dads, college grads all looking for that great escape into the game that is soccer. Some have skill, some are just learning, but we play to win and laugh our way through the losses. Join us.